Who’s Behind ?
vinay pittampally


I'm Vinay Pittampally

Writer - Visual Designer - Illustrator


I'm what I write and paint. I love books, movies, computer keyboard and mid-night gossips. My favorite genres are thrillers, romance and psychological horror. Whenever I'm scribbling in darkness lacking spirit, I watch Stephen King interviews. I'm deeply fascinated by idiots, love and zen.



Little Note

The greatest guilt of being a Writer is in the consciousness of wasting paper. Every writer's room has a trash box with hundreds of crumpled papers. They are all tress killed just to scribble. It hurts! There might be beautiful lines worth writing or masterpieces, but still, no literature will ever give back the life of a plant that's killed in its making. Though we can't stop killing trees for paper, (because that would be The End of every writer on the planet), we can let trees grow-more-more-more than what we need.